Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two-Line Tuesday: Slinky

Whoa, what is this thing?
And why is it so cool to look at?

How would you caption this photo?

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It’s early. An hour at which no one should be awake and moving except paperboys and roosters. I’m lying in a small bed with my 3 year old Little Dude and the invisible flu bug he brought home from preschool, which he kindly and unintentionally shared with me.

He's tired, hot and achy but doesn't know how to express what his body is feeling. Facing each other, I notice he’s grasping one of his beloved Hot Wheels tightly in each hand. For strength or comfort, they are with him. As am I. I subtly turn on the white noise machine again, hoping it will coax a few more minutes of sleep out of him for his weary body. And mine, as well. I’ve gotten used to running on empty, but doing so while fighting off illness is a different battle. Another hour of sleep right now would be better than winning the lottery. And I could really use the money.

As the sound of artificial waves crashing upon a distant artificial beach repeats, I pick up my iPhone and sigh as I look at the ridiculously low numbers its clock is displaying.  It's so early that my friends 3 hours ahead on the East Coast haven’t yet begun sharing their pictures of omelets or tales of getting stuck in traffic on Facebook to entertain me.

Resting our stuffy heads on fluffy adjoining pillows, I hope that the source of the flu was at least fun for him while being an evil conduit. Was it the swings on the playground or the school’s lunchroom? Or the grocery store cart’s handle?  We’ll never know.

Though I hope for more rest, as I was just up feeding his newborn brother an hour ago, I know it's unlikely any time in the foreseeable future. As my eyelids bounce heavily, simultaneously trying to sleep and stay awake, I feel something rolling up slowly up my neck like a tarantula in a bad horror movie would. Thankfully it’s only a Hot Wheels monster truck cruising before parking on my congested scalp.

I put down my iPhone, as it needs rest too, and watch my son. He looks at me as we cough together.

This is bonding.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two-Line Tuesday: Hanging Out

Oh, I'm just hanging out,
What are you up to?

How would you caption this pic??

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rockin' Friday: Day-O

Last week marked the 86th birthday of Calypso legend Harry Belafonte. In a career-spanning more than 6 decades, Belafonte has become well known for music, acting, activism and more. And of all those things, he is probably best known for what is this week’s Rockin Friday selection.

The Banana Boat Song is a traditional Carribean folk song, sung from the point of view of workers who’ve been picking the long yellow fruit all night and now want a reprieve. Known for its classic “Day-O” refrain, The Banana Boat Song has become probably the best known Calypso-style song today. The call-and-response parts of the song make it especially catchy for kids of all ages. 

Belafonte’s version, originally recorded in 1956, is the best known version of the song which has been covered countless times. Many Gen Xers remember it from the classic dinner scene in Beetlejuice. However you know it, when you hear it, it likely makes you want to grab a drink with an umbrella in it and kick back, Mon. 

Here's a great version of Day-O with some special furry friends: 

Have a great weekend! Go tally some bananas.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Rockin' Friday: Tutti Frutti

This week’s Rockin’ Friday tune is considered by some to be one of the earliest and most influential songs in rock n roll history. Little Richard wrote and recorded Tutti Frutti in 1955 and it quickly became his first big hit and brought his high pompadour hair and even higher falsetto voice national prominence.

With its opening line patterned after a drum solo in Little Richard’s head Tutti Frutti changed the course of rock with the famous line "A-wop-bom-a-loo-mop-a-lomp-bom-bom!" With simple lyrics about crushes named Sue and Daisy, Richard pounded his piano to come up with a truly memorable rock classic. And that is compounded in high energy with the “Tutti Frutti, Oh Rudy!” chorus that is repeated several times in the songs brief 2 ½ minutes.

This is a great kids' song because of the high energy involved and wonderfully catchy lyrics. My Little Dude loves listening to it in the car when I drive him to school. And I know it gets him energized for some high level playing once he gets there. 

Covered countless times over the last nearly 60 years, famous versions have been recorded by artists as diverse as Queen and Pat Boone. Oh Rudy, indeed!

Here's a great version from the opening of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in 1995, featuring Little Richard and an all-star backup band featuring, among others, Booker T. & the MGs: