Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Bee Friends

So, you want to know a little more about what makes this Dude tick? My friend Bruna from the great blog Bees With Honey profiled me recently. Well, I profiled myself actually. She asked me to write a list of 10 fascinating things about myself, but she graciously hosted me on her great weekly feature "Let's Bee Friends". 

Anyway, since I know you are dying to find out 11 truly fascinating things about me (10 just wasn't enough, I'm that interesting),  CLICK HERE.

Be sure to check out Let's Bee Friends every Friday for a great new profile.
Thanks again, Bruna!


  1. Happy to "meet" you! (I am very much an "animal person," but I'm a writer and a huge procrastinator, so we have a few things in common.) That's a great feature on Bruna's blog, too. Two new folks for my blogroll, for sure. Hooray for new bloggy friends!

    1. Thanks, Kim. Nice to meet you as well. I just found out that this week's Let's Bee Friends is the last one. There are 50 other great ones in the vault to check out, though.

  2. so procrastinating at work on a monday morning...I just read this. I didn't know about your love for the Grateful Dead. so it would only make sense for me to tell you about my family's connection to the band. My aunt Nicki was in a common-law marriage with Rock Scully (even took his last name, though she is married to someone else now). Rock was the manager of the grateful dead. He and my aunt had a baby together, named Sage Scully who is my wonderful first cousin! She also had an older half-sister named Spirit. In college I found out that there is a song (with no that still called a song?) called Sage and Spirit that one of the band members wrote while babysitting the girls way back when. The band also bought my aunt Nicki some property in Eugene Oregon where she currently lives. I've been there and it is beyond gorgeous. My parents went to many many concerts back in the 70s and early 80s with backstage passes but I think it was a little lost on them because my mother is the opposite of her sister (very straight-edge...Nicki, not so much).
    My cousin Sage works in the music industry, taking after her father, and most notably recently ended a stint as Mick Jagger's personal assistant.
    Anyway, that's probably way more detail about my relatives than you ever needed to know, but when I found out about your love for the Grateful Dead I wanted to fill you in on the connection! maybe look up "Sage and Spirit" sometime. :-)