Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sleepless Sunday Morning at the Dude's House

Its 6:15 on Sunday morn, why am I awake?

I’ve got one son who passed out early last night after a Spring day filled with T-ball and his first pool day of the year and another who wouldn’t go to sleep ‘til half past acceptable o’clock. Surely they’ll be up soon.

I’ll just check Instagram, that should do the trick and I’ll be back asleep in no time. Check out some pics of other peoples’ more interesting Saturday nights before resting my eyes for a few more minutes of glorious early morning shuteye, the kind I dream of all week long.

Nope, nothing too exciting. Maybe I’ll see how many people Liked my clever Facebook status posted before I went to sleep. Ooh, 9 friends think I’m witty. This just might be a good day.

I’ll close my eyes again and maybe I can still get another 20 minutes before one of them is definitely going to be up by 6:45, which inevitably happens every day.

The birds are singing and the sun is blasting through my blinds. Today I curse you Daylight Savings.

Tossing and turning to no avail with ears pierced by a snoring dog across the room, maybe I’ll get those last 10 mins. I’m not even going to say minutes because I don’t want to waste time. Oops.

6:50am: How is it possible that A) I’m still awake and B) No one else is?  I don’t even know where to begin.

Now that’s it 7:00 and this is anarchy is still permeating in both directions, maybe I’ll run out and get bagels. What a great Sunday surprise when everyone finally gets up, right? Eh, the bagel store’s probably not open yet since it’d be cruel and unusual punishment for the employees.

Forgot to plug in my phone last night and now its battery’s down to 3%, it’s make or break time. Should I get out of bed and plug it in or stay for the inevitable momentary exodus from the boys’ room into ours which definitely must be imminent?

Check the news Apps: nothing good and certainly nothing that will help me rest easily at this point.




How can I find the number for Guinness Book of World Records? Certainly this qualifies.

Wait! Maybe I should actually try to be productive. I’ve heard that’s something people do in the morning sometimes.

Ugh, need to restart my computer since I for-some-unknown-reason shut it down last night.

Loading. Loading. Loading.

Open new document.

Type first three words of potential Nobel Prize winning essay.  

They’re awake.

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