Friday, July 13, 2012

Rockin' Friday: Bouncing Around the Room

This week’s Rockin’ Friday tune is appropriate on many levels. I chose Phish’s Bouncing Around the Room because it’s a great song with a fantastic beat and very catchy lyrics. My Little Dude loves singing along and bobbing his head to the beat as the bass bounces up and down throughout the song.

Little Dude is also an active 2 ½ year old boy so I spend a lot of chasing him as he himself is bouncing around the room, restaurant, store or wherever else inspiration and energy strike him. But, as my mother used to say, “that’s what he’s supposed to do”.

Though Phish is known primarily as a jam-band, their musical palate is quite diverse. In fact singer/guitarist Trey Anastasio has said that Bouncing was originally inspired by some African folk music he heard. Now, 20+ years later, Bouncing is one of the most beloved and most-played songs in Phish’s enormous repertoire. 

What's your favorite Phish song?


  1. Seriously, what isn't there to love about Phish?! Stopped by to let you know I've given you the Sunshine Blogger Award! Congrats, check it out here:

  2. Hey Dude! I also nominated you! I have been LOVING your blog, I hope you'll keep checking mine out as well!