Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Evil Neon Gaze

The clock is ticking faster than fast. T-minus two months and counting until our manageable trio becomes a crowded quartet.  I wait eagerly. Nervously. I don’t sleep much anymore.

When will he arrive?
Will he be healthy?

With one amazing Little Dude already in the early stages of development, how will adding another to the mix affect his progress? We’ve been warned about the inevitable regression that will happen to our almost-3-year-old when the newborn arrives. 

Will they get along?
How can we prevent jealousy?

There are things we have control over and things we don’t. And however they turn out, we will have to manage the situation to the best of our parental abilities.

Will he feed easily, unlike his brother?
Will he be a great sleeper, like his brother?

As a genetic blend of two parents, there are a million characteristics that will take shape over the years. Some more desirable than others.

Who will he look like?
Will he also be cursed with the worrying gene?

How will I explain why he has only 2 grandparents. That’s something I don’t even fully understand.

When should I tell him?
Will he understand?

I want to give him everything. But right now that isn’t so easy.

How will I pay for it all?
What can I eliminate to give him more?

The C-Section is already scheduled. Just like last time.

Will he arrive early?
Who will watch his brother?

I gaze at the clock on my nightstand. There is a bright neon 3:42 staring back at me.

Will I ever fall asleep?


  1. Oh Dude, just relax and enjoy the ride. Think about your family growing. Those boys, being brothers. Growing together, learning together. Really, it is an amazing thing, siblings. Will you have difficulties? Of course. Will it be worth it? Abso-freakin-lutely. Enjoy the last couple months of one, and just least you and the Mrs. won't be outnumbered...yet :)

  2. I think about the same questions for the day that we have another kid. I wonder a lot about how much harder two will be than one. It's weird that in some ways going from 1-2 is almost as worry inducing as 0-1.

  3. oh god. I was awake at 3:25am last night worried about the same shit. I am right there with you except these are our first babes. So scared to death. this is a lovely thoughts out loud post. ALl the best to you and your family.