Friday, July 20, 2012

Rockin' Friday: Positively Root Canal

I was having trouble picking a song for this week, partially because I've been distracted by a nagging toothache that has been lingering unnecessarily due to several dentists' inefficiency.  As I sat in the Endodontist's chair this morning, finally receiving the root canal I'd been waiting for, I put my iPod on shuffle and once I heard the first notes of the first song that played, I knew it was this week's Rockin' Friday tune.

The song is Jerry Garcia's 1973 live version of the Bob Dylan classic "Positively 4th Street".  Why was this song the perfect choice? You only have to look as far as the first line of the lyrics to find out:

"You've got a lot of nerve..."

As I was literally having the nerve extracted from my molar, I listened to Dylan's eloquent public dismissal of someone who had a lot of nerve to say they are his friend.  It's not clear if the song is about a specific person or a group, though personally I believe it's about a woman who scorned old Zimmy. We'll never know for sure, but looking at the lyrics, it's pretty obvious that Bob was pretty irritated.  And Garcia's melodic take, accompanied by Merl Saunders on the organ, just kicks things up a notch. Check it out:

What are you listening to today?

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