Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How many months?

My wife works in the education world which is ironic, as I was never a big fan of school.  As a result, she often has a funky work schedule that does not always jive with our son's schedule.  Some days I spend a couple hours watching him by myself, some days it's 10-12 hours.  Her schedule varies day to day and week to week, which is sort of apropos as every day with a child is definitely different.  He's not old enough to make decisions yet and unlike many of the other sub-2 year old kids I see around LA, he doesn't have his own iPhone yet.

As a result, I usually have to come up with some sort of activity to keep him busy before dinner and the evening fun begins.  There is often an errand that needs to be run, whether it's the grocery store, bank, or a quick stop at the park when I can't think of anything else.  

Everywhere we go, my son (we'll call him BC)  flirts with the ladies and they flirt back.  I must admit, he is a very cute kid and I don't just say that because everyone says he looks like me.  Only my wife's family doesn't agree with that statement, but we'll get to that at another time.  

Anyway, as BC is smiling and playing coy with the woman in line at Ralphs, they invariably ask me how old he is.  He's not quite 2 yet but I've learned it's best to just round his age up (to 2) or down to (1.5), based on the preceding interaction.  Once he passed his first birthday, it seemed that most people were incapable of calculating how many years 13 or 14 months equals.  You might say that people who go where I go are not intelligent, but obviously that can't be true since I go to them myself.  I'm certainly not a math teacher, but it's pretty obvious by the baffled looks on their faces that this is a complicated equation for them to figure out.   Once he hit 19 months, whew that one really threw people for a loop.  You'd think I said he was 842 months old as they pull out their fingers and start calculating.   

So to stop these random people from accidentally hurting themselves with math, I usually just say he's one and a half.  Of course, if they make a rude comment maybe I'll say he's 1.7 years old and just make them wonder.

OK, I need to go feed BC his dinner.  After all, tomorrow is his last full day as a (baby) teenager.  Thursday he'll be 20 months old.


When did you stop listing your child's age in months?

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PS By the way, 842 months is 70 years, 2 months.


  1. I just celebrated my 450 month birthday. Where's my cake?

  2. My son likes telling everyone that he is 52 months. Sounds more mature than four and a quarter.