Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Negotiating with a Terrorist

You know the part in war movies where the American soldier is captured behind enemy lines and is being held captive by the evil foreigners?  Usually the foreigners rattle off some long inquisition and the American just repeats his name, rank and serial number.  Over and over.  The interrogators usually get very frustrated and start torturing the captive.

That's how I often feel when trying to reason with a 19 month old who has a very limited vocabulary.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Are you hungry, BC?


What should we have for dinner?


OK, how about macaroni and cheese?


OK, how about chicken tenders?


No, not moo, bok bok. Chicken.


OK, Chicken...


Oh well, that's what we're having.


Great, we finally agree on something.

"Nay Nay"

No, we're not going to eat horse.  I think the Thai place around the corner is already closed.  Chicken.




...and so on and so forth.  These conversations can go on indefinitely.  The irony is the inquisitor (me) also becomes the tortured, as these conversations can get painful.  Usually around that point, I turn on some Rolling Stones and let the little man rock out to Exile on Main Street while I make dinner.

Much like the interrogators in the movie, it can be frustrating dealing with an "opposition" who can't communicate as you desire.  So when I put out the previously discussed chicken tenders and got a quick "No!", I ate them myself and gave BC some Gummi Bears to tide him over until his mother gets home.


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  1. My daughter only answered questions with "wawa" until she was two and a half. I'm still not sure if she meant yes or no.